Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Music That Speaks to Your Heart(beat)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you know you're in the right place? When you look around the room and think to yourself, "This is where I'm supposed to be. This is what I'm supposed to be doing. And this is how I'm supposed to feel." It feels good. It feels right. It's almost as if the Universe is saying to you, "PAY ATTENTION. THIS IS IMPORTANT." It feels like you're free. And for that moment, it's as if nothing else really matters. 

Rewind to a Thursday night at Gramercy Theatre back in March. Somewhere between the harmonica-blowin', the tambourine-shakin' and the boot-stompin', I had one of those moments, and I've come to this conclusion: A Drake White show is a celebration of living.

It's doing what feels right.
It's loving life.
It's all country, blues and funk at the same time.
It's feeling energized.
It's singing about all of the things that matter.
And it's good for your soul.

Aside from knowing I was exactly where I needed to be that night, I found myself wishing I was a member of the band, known as The Big Fire. For one, they're all so cool, like you just want to be a part of their club. But you can also tell that they are truly having fun, though I can't imagine who wouldn't enjoy playing feel-good music for a living. At one point during the show, Drake said, "Can you dance like this?" and for a solid two or three minutes, danced around the stage to whatever came to his body. Not choreographed. Not perfect. Just purely dancing how the music came to him. And somehow, he managed to even make that look cool.

If the fun, funk-soul vibes don't pull you in, then surely the voice will. Because that voice. It is literally chill-inducing, and paired with songs like Makin' Me Look Good Again, it will give you all sorts of feelings. That man was great with just an acoustic guitar (flashback: Housing Works Songwriter's Series) but add a band and a few amplifiers, and he falls into the category of best live performances I've ever seen.

Drake White and his music are all kinds of right. And in the craziness that is life, it has the power to pull me back to real, back to me. We spend so much time trying to figure out who we are and what we love, when the signs are usually right in front of us. Whether a Drake White show, or something else, do more of what feels good, and what feels right. You know what that is. And if you need any help trying to figure it out, I know just the guy.

Back to free
Like we used to be
Yes, you and me
Let's get back to free