Friday, May 12, 2017

Music: The OG Time Machine

It's pretty incredible that a song has the power to transport you to another place and time. Just like a movie, when the screen cuts to a completely different scene, you almost forget what is real; or like pulling into your driveway wondering how you got there because you were thinking about something else the entire time. The song comes on and those feelings come rushing back as if you're literally in the moment again.

We've all been there. 

What triggered the flashback this time? Old Dominion, of course. I know what you're thinking... I talk about them all the time, but they put me in a good mood (hence, why you'll find me listening to them on the morning subway commute). First it was Wrong Turns and all of the sudden I was back at Jenk's, having the actual best summer of my life. And then came Song For Another Time and I'm in a basement with maybe 50 other people, so close to the amp I could literally feel the music in my chest. The irony of that song title is too real. 

I happen to crave those magical moments, because as I mentioned in my last post, I love feelings. Of course though, if I get to relive the good moments, I also have to relive the not-so-good: realizing it's over. And knowing I'll probably never get to see Old Dominion in that small of a venue again is a very hard thing to come to terms with.

But to end on a positive note, it's New Music Friday, and that means welcoming a beautiful new Brett Eldredge tune (listen here).

That's the power of a song
When it grabs you by the heart
It's gonna find you when it wants to
No matter where you are