Thursday, December 1, 2016

Making Memories Of Us, With Them

It isn't news to anyone how much I love music -- we've been there a few times -- but one of the things I love most is its special relationship with the memory. Amongst many other things, music can be all transporting, captivating, uplifting, saddening, inspiring and motivating. It can make you feel things -- both new and old. It can change your mood. It can transport you to another place and time, for better or for worse. Music always leaves an impression, whether you realize it at that moment or not.

Keith Urban is an artist I grew up listening to -- Stupid Boy, Somebody Like You, Raining On Sunday, and You'll Think Of Me were my jams. Hearing those songs will forever remind me of the way I felt the first time I heard them; spouting his lyrics at the top of my lungs while driving with the windows down; and the bond Keith's music created within my family. So, you can probably imagine my excitement seeing him in concert for the first time.

I don't know if it's because it was the final stop on the Ripcord Tour, but my experience that night was unparalleled. I'd always heard Keith Urban put on a great show, but this was more than great. He had a stage presence like I'd never seen and at the start of each song I'd lean over to my friend and say, "OMG, I love this one!" ... "This one, too!" (How is it that even after a number of years pass by, a song comes on and somehow the words just roll so easy off your tongue? The memory, man.) To say he's a remarkable performer would be an understatement. He belongs on the stage. And there isn't even a shred of doubt in that statement. Who wouldn't wanna be him?

Maren Morris had me feeling like I was at Bonnaroo all over again (sigh). She also reminds me so much of Miranda Lambert, and apparently I'm not the only who thinks so because she sang We Were Us with Keith, and crushed it. 

And when it comes to Brett Eldredge, I could go on and on, and on and on, all day long. Just thinking about his voice right now gives me chills. Would it be a stretch to call him a modern day, country Frank Sinatra? He also knows just how to make a woman feel special. Throwing flowers out into the crowd, Brett? You really do want us to be drunk on your love, don't ya?

Most valuable play of the night -- Keith's and Brett's duet of Somebody Like You. During the end guitar solo the entire arena was jumping up and down like they were on the stage. That was quite a liberating moment for me and I can still feel the thrill of it now.

Wow. What a night.

And now for my obligatory see what I did there moment... It certainly wasn't wasted time, but it was definitely time well spent.

If you're into reliving moments like I am (and jogging that unbelievable memory), here's a playlist that will take you back to that night -- or just help you pretend like you were there.

The rain is coming down tonight
I'm smiling looking at this photograph
I hear that song and I'm flying right back
To when we had it made