Saturday, November 5, 2016

I Know Who's In My Heart Shaped Locket

Brothers Osborne.

I have never experienced anything quite like last night. Fresh from the CMAs, this was the Vocal Duo of the Year's first show after winning, and I don't think being welcomed to New York City by a sold out Irving Plaza is a terrible way to celebrate. From the smell of burning incense to the array of stringed instruments, this was nothing like what I expected. It was better.

There was Rum. There was an emotional Love The Lonely Out Of You. A kick ass performance of It Ain't My Fault, which was prefaced by TJ saying "I don't care if you know the words or not. You better get loud." (aaand we did). And then of course, 21 Summer and Stay a Little Longer (which is all that I wanted to do). Somewhere between the phenomenal perfomances of their own songs, the bluegrass piece, and the sick covers of Whiskey River, Atlantic City, and Pick Up Man, I found that it really is possible to love your favorite songs even more. Who'da thunk it?

Everything was so perfect, it's difficult to say what was my favorite part. Was it the many, many outrageous guitar solos by John? Was it during Stay a Little Longer when I TJ killed it on the cow bell? Or was it when a "USA" chant turned into a "CMA" chant? Maybe it was when TJ forgot the words to Heart Shaped Locket and had to start over (LOL). No, no, no. I know what it was. My favorite moment of all was when the entire venue sang along to Take Me Home, Country Road. I have never, ever heard a louder, more energetic crowd. This was undoubdtedly a venue full of passionate fans, of which I am now one.

It wouldn't be right to leave out the hip-shakin', heart-breakin' LANco, which were a perfect start to the evening. Thanks for letting me have my moment with Trouble Maker. I can't wait to hear what y'all put out next!

I'm pretty sure I didn't quit stompin' my boots the entire night, I definitely never stopped smiling (except for when I basically cried during Love The Lonely Out Of You), and I want to go back and relive it a thousand more times. Because there is something truly, truly special about this band. No wonder they won a CMA award. 

As I was leaving the show, I heard my exact thoughts echoed by person after person after person. "That was so f$!*ing good." And it was. Here's to wishing we all could've stayed a little longer...

Blame the bar for the band 
Blame the band for the song
Blame the song for the party that went all night long
But it ain’t my fault


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Oh, What a Feeling

As I rode the subway this morning listening to my Song For Another Time playlist, I had an 'aha' moment. 

love music. 

Simple. Nothing profound. But nevertheless, true.

The playlist is a compilation of all of the references in Old Dominion's Song For Another Time by Old Dominion and spans across a number of different genres (hello 80s and 90s). The commute and routine was just like any other day, except that it wasn't. I was somewhere between Marina Del Ray and Dancing on the Ceiling, and it hit me. Music. This stuff is great. And I can't believe I get to wake up every day in a world where it's all around me. 

Whether it's exploring new stuff or reliving the favorites (or keeping that new Jake Owen tune on repeat), the possibilities with music are endless. Like, that moment when a song you love (and otherwise totally forgot existed) comes on, it feels like it's new all over again. Or those days when you have a mini concert in your apartment (all too familiar to me).  But there is still so much I've yet to hear. People could stop creating new music today (but please don't) and I still would be able to discover something new every day... for the rest of my life. And I think that's pretty darn cool.

Maybe it's because I watched the CMA Awards last night. Or perhaps I just woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. Whatever it is.. it's a good day.

Oh, what a feeling.

Let's be brown eyed girl sweet Caroline
Free fallin' small town Saturday night
Before you lose that lovin' feeling
Let's go dancing on the ceiling