Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jake Owen, & Other Things You Notice When You're Paying Attention

When I woke up today I had one goal in mind -- to be fully present. I listened to a guided meditation specifically dedicated to the topic and even posted an inspirational photo on Instagram. Why? I realized that we (myself included) spend so much time burying our heads in our phones or thinking about tomorrow, or our next meal, or an upcoming vacation - that we sometimes forget to truly live in the moment. Moments like walking to and from the subway - as mundane as they sound - are actually times when some of the most amazing things happen. And today I wanted to open myself up to those experiences. 

Here's what happened...

While taking a walk through Madison Square Park to get some lunch, I decided this was one of those moments where I needed to be fully present. So, I was. I paid attention to the people, the cars, and all of the other sights, sounds and feelings around me. What I noticed was: angry car horns, silly phone conversations, master plans and ideas, a couple breaking up, a kid about to lose his ice cream cone while hopping in a cab, a man singing for money, ambulance sirens, how amazing flowers in the park smell, and... Jake Owen. Yes, you read that right. Okay so maybe it wasn't JO in the flesh, but it was a sign (literally & figuratively) advertising a free performance by Jake Owen for tomorrow night. I quickly envisioned my calendar realizing I was free - I couldn't believe it.  Had it been a normal day, I may have never even noticed that sign. I guess that was some good timing

The lesson? Good things happen when you're willing and able to see them. Maybe it's Jake Owen, or maybe it's just feeling more in tune with the universe and all it's happenings. Let this be a reminder to all of us to be fully present, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.

Oh, and I didn't bring my phone so here's a photo I took the next morning when I went back. ;)

No, I don’t think it’s coincidence
Running into you here like this
Sparks flying, see you smiling
Baby ain’t it crazy? We got… good timing