Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Old Dominion Is My Ace & I Just Can't Lose

There's something to be said about seeing your favorite band. When you hear that, you probably think "well yeah, duh." But what I'm talking about is seeing your honest to goodness, down right, nothing else tops them, FAVORITE band. 

Perhaps I should give some context here... I don't think I've ever had a favorite band. Crazy right? Sure, there were bands and artists that I thought were my favorite, but I'm beginning to think I didn't know what that really meant. Well, ladies and gentlemen. I know now. Old Dominion is my FAVORITE band. And here's why. 

1) I feel like they have this unique and amazing way of communicating and expressing a feeling or feelings. Songwriting is a fantastic strength with this band. If you're a lyric person (which I just recently discovered isn't everyone), you know that Old Dominion's songs, as well as the songs they write for others, are relatable and paint a picture of a true emotion and feeling. There's a reason why you're "in your feelings" when you listen to their music. That's real shit right there. 2) They have such an honest connection to the crowd and their fans. I'm not sure of the reasoning behind why it's so amazing, but it's like they know what it's truly like to be one of us, and they care about us, and they don't give a shit who we are or what we look like. 3) They take you to your happy place. When I'm at an OD show I'm able to 100% disconnect from the outside world - any other stresses/concerns just don't exist for that hour and a half (feeling like I can literally not worry about tomorrow or the rest of my life). I'm taken to another place, a happy place, a place where I feel comfortable to jam out and shake my head and scream at the top of my lungs. And when I have just my earbuds, their music is what I turn to when I need to destress, relax, get in a good mood, or relieve some pre-interview / pre-date anxiety.

They're just a kick ass band putting good shit out into the world. And they're seeing the reciprocation of that when they come to a show and see and hear every fan singing along. Let it be known that their Meat and Candy album came out in November and every single person in the crowd tonight at Joe's Pub knew every word (that's not too common). To take it a step further, not only are they singing along, but they're f**king rocking out... feeling it, vibing to it, connecting. Man, isn't that what good music is all about? Connecting? I think that's what I love so much about Old Dominion, though it is hard to just state one reason. Not only do I know all the words to all of their songs but I FEEL things when I hear and sing along with them. Don't you?

In the past, and even now, I've enjoyed many many many bands and artists (so don't take this lightly) but the passion for and connection to Old Dominion is a feeling like no other. Call me crazy, call me drunk, call me whatever you want, but I can honestly say that Old Dominion is my favorite band, and I'm not ashamed to admit that this is a first at age 25. I finally understand what it feels like to love and care so deeply about a band.

PCD is undoubtably a real thing, and I guess that's why I just can't decide if my glass is half full or half empty...

Let's just let it be
Put your hands on me
All I know is we're gonna be alright
It's gonna be alright