Saturday, September 12, 2015

How Country Feels With Randy Houser

I kicked up my heels for a little while and did it country style on Thursday night with Mr. Randy Houser. I'll be honest, I considered not wearing them that night, but in order to properly shout "I'm going out with my boots on" you have to actually be wearing them (so I gave in). 

Without much prior knowledge about the opening act, apparently something happened with his plane and that person(s) never made it. But the show went on, and in the words of RH himself, all we got is all night and ain’t nobody slowing’ us down right now.

We can all agree that Sam Smith's voice is god-like, but Randy's version of Stay With Me was a serious rival. You can't hide a mediocre voice when you've got a live mic in front of you, but that's no sweat for Randy. The man has an amazing voice and you realize it even more when you see him live. I'm in love with his voice. Obviously he played all his big hits, but he slowed it down a bit for Like A Cowboy and a brand spankin' new song (which I LOVE), Little Bit Older, Little Budweiser, "for all the people that bust their ass all week and are looking forward to a Friday and Saturday night, y'all." Needless to say, I'm looking forward to that release. And he gets some serious brownie points for playing two of my favorites, Growin' Younger and Absolutely Nothing. They're only known by those who have his complete How Country Feels album, but they're awesome (obviously if I like them). 

While the vocals were on point, the vibes were just off that night - and for a reason that I can't place (perhaps not having an opener?). The first time I saw him was phenomenal, but I guess every now and then you get a night like this. Despite all of that though, I have to say that Randy Houser is a fantastic country music artist (and his band rocks, too), and I'd go see him any day of the week. Stop being modest, Randy, there's lots special 'bout an "awe shucks country boy."

Some vids and pics you don't wanna miss right here.

Time goes by, you can't get it back
It's a one-way ride, you gotta make it last
Ain't nobody got no plans to settle down
All we're thinkin' 'bout is right here and right now