Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Walkin, Talkin, Drinkin Proof

Tyler Farr was at Starland Ballroom recently and if you weren't there, here's what you missed:

Get a little redneck crazy. Add some whiskey to your water. Throw in a little dirty talk (thanks to the woman who threw her bra up on stage). And you're all caught up. TF sang an acoustic version of Hello Goodbye (which was phenomenal). I really felt that true emotion, but half of the crowd was hardly paying attention and I could hear them talking over most of it. The problem you ask? Maybe they weren't even drinkin'. Okay, that's a lie. But shame on y'all! 

While it wasn't quite as much of a party as some of the other shows I've seen, I thoroughly enjoyed it. He may not have been dancing around the stage like Thomas Rhett, but I was entertained and I respect his style and ability to sing. I also have to mention his cool setup. The way his name lit up came from a shadow box of sorts, so no matter what the lighting was like during each song, you always had a clear photo (above). 

The opener, Scott DeCarlo (pictured above) was pretty impressive as well. And get this... I talked to his photographer after the show and he said Scott only does this part-time. He has a full-time job and plays local venues in his free time. Now THAT'S dedication. Best of luck to you, Scott!

And just like all good things.. it had to come to an end. We barely even said hello before we had to say goodbye. For some of you lucky dogs, you'll get to see the guy walk into a bar again on April 28 at Irving Plaza. Just don't forget to pay attention this time.

Get your hands up
If your whiskey bent and hell bound 
Get your hands up
If you like the way that guitar sounds