Monday, January 19, 2015

There's No Place That I'd Rather Be

But it wasn't just another day in paradise. It was paradise. Wow.

So I'm sitting here scrolling through the pictures and videos from the show last Thursday, trying to relive that night once more. In fact, I'd like to relive it over and over again, but at least it's all right here in these songs that he wrote... and right here on these "old black and whites." 

If you've ever seen Phil Vassar live, then you know exactly what I'm talkin' about. All the man needs is a mic and his piano - where have all the pianos gone? - and you will be blown away. He played every song requested by the audience and even included a rendition of Piano Man by Billy Joel, because we were all in the mood for a melody, and he had us feeling alright. Phil's uplifting music took me back to my childhood days and I loved every minute of it. If you haven't already, put him on your bucket list, now. You don't want to waste another minute without him.

Dylan Scott opened and I have to say, he was twanging on my heart strings. (I hit the jackpot, baby, two for one). Not only was his stage presence fun and engaging, but his thick southern draw had me like ...*swooning*. Dylan, you're making ME go crazy, and you might just be one of my new favorites. If you haven't heard his music, listen here.

I'd also never been to B.B. King's before and I'll tell ya that I will definitely be going back. It was an intimate setting and we had a perfect view. What a fun crowd and amazing atmosphere. It was a great night. Buuuuut, if you missed it, you can always live vicariously through my Instagram.

Life, life, life, it's wild and wonderful
Lets celebrate it honey it don't last long
'cmon baby put your party boots on