Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I've Got a Hankerin' for Gettin' into Somethin'

...and it's the Certified Platinum Tour at MSG this March!

Yes, you heard it right. Miranda Lambert is coming to NYC! Also performing will be Justin Moore, Ashley Monroe and Jukebox Mafia on March 28. (Click names for Spotify links). Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased here, that is if you're ready to run with the fastest girl in town.

In case you can't find a good enough one on you're own, here are some reasons to go:
  1. You're giving up on love, because love's given up on you
  2. You wanna show him what a "little girl" is made of
  3. Because it ain't your mama's broken heart
  4. You're a crazy ex-girlfriend (we all are at some point)
  5. It all just seemed so good the way you had it, back before everything became automatic
  6. You're nobody's fool (literally, nobody)
  7. You've got a real good feelin' something bad's about to happen (and it will if you don't go)
  8. You're a fan of old sh!t 
  9. Gravity really is a b**ch
  10. And last, but certainly not least... it's hard staying sober
Give me a Saturday night and Justin Moore by my side, and I'm on my way, home sweet MSG. But, if you don't agree, I don't have to be hateful, I can just say "Bless your heart."

So whether your mouth is like a sailor or more like a hallmark card, Miranda Lambert isn't one you want to miss. After all, it's not until Monday when you'll have to hide your crazy and act like a lady.