Friday, January 30, 2015

Sam Hunt Wants Your X2C

Ecstasy [ek-stuh-see]: rapturous delight; an overpowering emotion or exaltation; a state of sudden, intense feeling.

Ex To See [eks-to-see]: an extremely clever song written by Sam Hunt about making your ex-lover insanely jealous, while secretly describing how much he wants your ecstasy (see above).

Either way, when it comes to Sam Hunt, we long for both versions. *melting*

Honey don't you act so surprised. You know exactly what I'm 'bout to say. Sam Hunt. Irving Plaza. February 11... aka, my version of dying and going to heaven. It's like he knew what I was wishin' for, and he was wishin' for it too!

If you're a die hard SH fan (like myself), then you already knew about this very sold out show. And I guess since we can't have a house party with him, Irving Plaza will have to do. Tickets were originally $28, but here's a link to the outrageously priced resale tickets.

It took one song for this man to win my heart (and the hearts of 500 other screaming women) back at Starland Ballroom this past November. I have never seen such a beautiful straight (and smiling) face. Check out Instagram for some dreamy photos and vids (as if you needed another reason to attend). 

So what are you waiting for? Go raid your closet and your top drawer. We’re going out so we can show Sam why he really does love all of these city girls ...with pretty eyes, down on the money and brokenhearted rich girls, the debutantes, the small town runaways. City girls, city girls... Just prepare for Sam to make you miss him. He is not that easy to leave.

Here's to hoping we get a little something like this on Feb 11 *says a little prayer*


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I've Got a Hankerin' for Gettin' into Somethin'

...and it's the Certified Platinum Tour at MSG this March!

Yes, you heard it right. Miranda Lambert is coming to NYC! Also performing will be Justin Moore, Ashley Monroe and Jukebox Mafia on March 28. (Click names for Spotify links). Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased here, that is if you're ready to run with the fastest girl in town.

In case you can't find a good enough one on you're own, here are some reasons to go:
  1. You're giving up on love, because love's given up on you
  2. You wanna show him what a "little girl" is made of
  3. Because it ain't your mama's broken heart
  4. You're a crazy ex-girlfriend (we all are at some point)
  5. It all just seemed so good the way you had it, back before everything became automatic
  6. You're nobody's fool (literally, nobody)
  7. You've got a real good feelin' something bad's about to happen (and it will if you don't go)
  8. You're a fan of old sh!t 
  9. Gravity really is a b**ch
  10. And last, but certainly not least... it's hard staying sober
Give me a Saturday night and Justin Moore by my side, and I'm on my way, home sweet MSG. But, if you don't agree, I don't have to be hateful, I can just say "Bless your heart."

So whether your mouth is like a sailor or more like a hallmark card, Miranda Lambert isn't one you want to miss. After all, it's not until Monday when you'll have to hide your crazy and act like a lady.



Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Like My Country Rockin', How 'Bout You?

Forget Syracuse! We're going to Newark baby! I'm not sure if anyone's ever been excited to say that, but we are because we're going to see Eric F***ing Church!

I've seen Eric once when he opened for Kenny Chesney (I gooo baaaack) and solo last October at MSG. And thinking about it makes me feel a little bit like him in that picture right now... AHHHH!

Due to popular demand, he's added a ton of shows to his tour, including a stop at Prudential Center in Newark, NJ on Saturday, May 2. Thank God there's guys like you, for girls (and guys) like us, Eric. Opening will be the Southern-born, Brooklyn-based indie-folk trio the Lone Bellow (yay for locals!). His fan club pre-sale begins today at 10am or you can purchase tickets at 10am on Friday, January 23.

Oh Eric, you're a song I gotta sing along with. And then when it gets to the end I gotta play it again and again.

THESE boots will be seeing Eric Church. But that's just me, how 'bout you?

Just put me on a stage, man,
Turn it up an' I'll turn it loose.
Yeah, give me a crowd that's redneck an' loud,
We'll raise the roof.
Hell, I might just stay all night long.


Monday, January 19, 2015

There's No Place That I'd Rather Be

But it wasn't just another day in paradise. It was paradise. Wow.

So I'm sitting here scrolling through the pictures and videos from the show last Thursday, trying to relive that night once more. In fact, I'd like to relive it over and over again, but at least it's all right here in these songs that he wrote... and right here on these "old black and whites." 

If you've ever seen Phil Vassar live, then you know exactly what I'm talkin' about. All the man needs is a mic and his piano - where have all the pianos gone? - and you will be blown away. He played every song requested by the audience and even included a rendition of Piano Man by Billy Joel, because we were all in the mood for a melody, and he had us feeling alright. Phil's uplifting music took me back to my childhood days and I loved every minute of it. If you haven't already, put him on your bucket list, now. You don't want to waste another minute without him.

Dylan Scott opened and I have to say, he was twanging on my heart strings. (I hit the jackpot, baby, two for one). Not only was his stage presence fun and engaging, but his thick southern draw had me like ...*swooning*. Dylan, you're making ME go crazy, and you might just be one of my new favorites. If you haven't heard his music, listen here.

I'd also never been to B.B. King's before and I'll tell ya that I will definitely be going back. It was an intimate setting and we had a perfect view. What a fun crowd and amazing atmosphere. It was a great night. Buuuuut, if you missed it, you can always live vicariously through my Instagram.

Life, life, life, it's wild and wonderful
Lets celebrate it honey it don't last long
'cmon baby put your party boots on


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Do You Have Your Concert Buddy?

If you're anything like me, living in New York City has taken a toll on your country concert swag. It's rare to find even ONE person that enjoys country music, much less a suitable sidekick (but you guys are out there, I know it). If you happen to be fortunate enough, though, your best friend also loves country music (I'm not that blessed), and you should be countin' your lucky stars.

For the rest of us, well bless our hearts, as grandma would say. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to find someone we don't mind spending 3 hours with, let alone in a sweaty, tightly packed NYC venue. I found my concert buddy a while back through my school's alumni chapter (Go Knights!). We had one conversation about country music and I knew right then and there that he was the answer to my prayers. We've been each others company to numerous shows now and he even swoops me up from the train station for the ones in NJ. Can I get a "hell yeah"?!

So here's to you, Kevin, *raises beer* and all you other country-music-loving concert buddies out there (even if you are just the boys with the wheels that bring them). You're the heart and the soul and the reason we do what we do. 

Let us not forget, though, that we are never truly safe. Our concert buddies might actually have lives and not be able to attend every event with us (it happens to the best of us). While there's no shame in shopping around or even attending alone (if I can do it, so can you), I actually happen to be great company. And let's be honest, I already bought my ticket. Send me an email at You can crash my party any time ;)

(Tell me about your concert buddy below!)


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Laughing and Living, Drinking and Wishing...

...Sure would like to be in Syracuse?

It was just announced today that Eric Church will be playing Grandstand for the New York State Fair this August. Don't get too excited, it's in Syracuse... FOUR HOURS away from the city. Yeah, that's a cold one. The closest I'll be to a roller coaster ride that night is the New York City subway I'll be taking to drown my sorrows.

He will perform on Thursday, August 27 and is selling pit area tickets exclusively to his fan club next Tuesday, January 20 (someone please put a drink in my hand). Tickets for the general public are available on January 24.

If you have the means to make the drive (they’re the in crowd, we’re the other ones), here' the info. Oh, and let me hitch a ride.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Baby, Why Don't We Just Dance?

Because we've yet to find out where we can in NYC ...*sigh*

So I'll set the scene for you... It's Saturday night, and all I want to do is play somethin' country and get out on the dance floor, maybe to a little Boot Scootin' Boogie or Cotton Eye Joe. Yeah, that's my kinda night! I'm not even that good, but it's been a while, and I'm dying to go out in my boots. There's just one problem. Where the heck can I line dance in NEW YORK CITY? Great question. For now, it's in the comfort of my own living room.

Thanks to my new Chromecast (yes, I'm late), I pulled up YouTube and learned two dances in a matter of minutes (thanks Miguel!). While this is good for when I finally make my dancing debut in public, it's not so great for my downstairs neighbor and my roommate who just wants to knit in peace (Hi Shamira!). Country folk, we are in a serious pickle! I'll be doing my research but I'd love to hear from you as well. Leave word below so the rest of us know where we can go out with our boots on.

In the mean time, if the country club where you belong is the Honky Tonk, then get down. Turn around. And go to town on these videos. Why? Because you're from the country and you like it that way.

Have fun you all ...and do the watermelon crawl ;)


Friday, January 9, 2015

Get Ready to Break Your Boots In

Because that's how we do it 'round here! Get wind of the upcoming country shows around NYC this month and next. It'll have you feelin' like it's just another day in paradise (and how perfect for a Friday!).


1/15 - Phil Vassar with Dylan Scott @ BB Kings Blues Club & Grill
1/28 - Vince Gill & Lyle Lovett @ Bergen Performing Arts Center

2/11 - Sam Hunt with Native Run @ Irving Plaza
2/11 - Sturgill Simpson @ The Bowery Ballroom
2/12 - Sturgill Simpson @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
2/25 - Florida Georgia Line with Thomas Rhett & Frankie Ballard @ MSG
2/26 - Thomas Rhett @ Starland Ballroom

Money in your pocket 'cause you just got paid, babe? What better way to spend that paycheck!

Don't let Sam Hunt make you miss him. It's time to getcha' shine on and rock all night long.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

You Can Have a lot of Fun in a New York Minute...

...but there's some things you can't do inside those city limits. Liiiiiiike, get tangled up and so in love with Dan + Shay, or get you some of that Thomas Rhett. So if you're looking to put a little distance between you and the city for an evening or two, check out these upcoming shows...

Since Thomas needs something to do with his hands and you need something to do with your Thursday night, why don't cha head to Starland Ballroom on Thursday, February 26? Tickets are $27.50 (not including service fee)

...and it goes like this.

Dan + Shay want to watch that blonde (or brunette) hair swing to every song they sing at Starland Ballroom on Saturday, April 11. Did I mention Canaan Smith is opening? He's a total babe, and tickets are only $20 (not including the service fee). So get it NOW. Baby, you'll just wanna show that off.

More info here.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Country Boys and Girls Gettin' Down on the FarmBorough

Ladies and Gents, hold on to your britches! I present to you, New York's very own (and very first ever) country music festival! It's being held from June 26-28, 2015 on Randall's Island, just a hop, skip and a jump from the big ol' city.

Right now the headliners are Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley... 5-1-5-0, somebody call the po-po! They've got a whole list of impressive country artists that they keep pile'in onto. In fact, just announced yesterday... Sturgill Simpson! If you haven't heard him yet, I highly suggest you get on Spotify right this minute (here). He's an artist with deep southern roots and a perfect addition to your Outlaw Country playlist

3-Day passes are $225, and with the ferry included, $285. There are also several VIP Packages (for those with the big bucks) but let's be honest, we'd rather spend that money on a cold one. Get all the details here.

So, if you're a cold beer drinker, then prepare to tip it on back... it's time to get a little mud on the tires (or subway wheels?.. whatever).


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Billy Currington Headed in Good Directions

Billy Currington is coming to NYC! See, I knew this blog would lead to amazing discoveries (for both you and I). I must be doin' somethin' right (sorry, couldn't help myself).

He'll be at Best Buy Theater on March 20. Tickets are a reasonable $35 and go on sale to the general public (you and me) this Friday, January 9 at 12pm. Baby, baby dooooon't miss it!

Sounds good, don't it? Tickets here


Monday, January 5, 2015

Country Music in NYC, Where Art Thou?

Howdy! My name is Summer and I am a Florida native living in Brooklyn, New York. After countless searches on the internet for country music in the big apple, I've discovered there is little-to-no information. Where are the country hangouts in NYC? What country shows are coming up? For Pete's sake, where can I find some cowboy boots? (Who is Pete anyway?)

With this blog I plan to bring all things country in and around NYC to one place. So, if you find yourself in a southern state of mind like Darius Rucker, look no further my friends. You're a long way from where you're from, but I hope this feels like home :)